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Castor oil

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Strengthening oil ! All skin types 

Najel Organic Castor Oil repairs and protects dry, damaged and brittle hair. This strengthening oil, with its high viscosity, is known to stimulate the growth of hair, eyelashes and nails.

Content :  80ml bottle.

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Rich in ricinoleic acids, its regenerating and nourishing properties help to fight chapped skin in winter.


- Color: colorless
- Skin types: sensitive skins, age spots, blemished skin
- Hair types: dry, lifeless, split, brittle hair; promotes hair growth. 
- For nails and lashes
- Oily to touch, highly viscous

Direction of use :

Castor oil is used undiluted to care for:

- hair: use as a hair mask before shampooing, to strengthen and improve hair growth, 
- hands: in winter, use castor oil daily to soothe chapped skin caused by the cold. This oil is suitable for all skin types,
- nails: either apply with a brush and allow to dry for about ten minutes or massage into nails until absorbed,
- lashes: apply with a cotton swab onto lashes at night, after removing make-up.

Composition :

100% organic ingredients.