Concentrated Dead Sea water


The Dead Sea water, famous for its numerous properties, is the most salted water and the most concentrated in minerals in the world. For body and hair use.

Content : 200ml bottle of water.


Argan oil


Rich in vitamin E, this complete care treatment can be used on all over: on the face, body, hair, hands and nails.

Content :  80ml bottle.


Black cumin oil


Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, black cumin oil is used for body care.

Content :  125 ml bottle.


Sweet almond oil


Softening oil 

Organic Sweet Almond oil Najel, obtained by a first cold pressing is 100% natural.

Content : 80 ml bottle


copy of Traditional Marseille soap - White 600g


Fragrance, paraben, preservatives and DYE free, the traditional « white » Marseille soap is ideal for chores and adapted to any kind of tasks and any surface (linen, textile, leather, floors, walls, dishes, etc…).
Hypoallergenic, it is your best ally to wash allergic-prones people and babies linen.