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Soap flakes - fragrance free


This soap flakes are ideal to prepare your homemade detergent.

Content: 200 grams pack.

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Our soap flakes are made with traditional Marseille soap. Perfect for baby linen.

Little tip:

This flakes are 100% biodegradable to avoid any more pollution.

Direction of use : 

To make your homemade detergent:
Put 100 grams of flakes in a bucket. Add two liters of hot water. Mix it properly.
Add three tea spoons of baking soda and few drips of essential oils. Mix it again.
Let the mixture rest for 24 hours. It will solidify, no worries it is normal.
Add one liter of water and guess what? Mix it another time.
Here we go, your detergent is ready to use.

Kind reminder:

Like any other detergent, it will not be efficient on tough stains. In case of a tough stain, we highly recommend the use of our super stain remover!

Little tip #2:

Add some white vinegar directly in the drum of your washing machine to avoid limescale.

Composition :

Traditional Marseille soap.
Palm oil-free.


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