Shampooing solide cheveux normaux


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    Shampooing solide cheveux normaux Shea Butter Powdered red clay - radiant complexion Powdered red clay - radiant complexion Body milk - donkey milk

    This shea butter is fair trade and has not undergone any transformation.

    Content : 150 grams pot. Contains natural latex

    Extracted from a quarry in the Auvergne near Puy-en-Velay, Najel Cosmos Natural red clay is 100% natural. Rich in the trace elements and mineral salts required for good skin health, red clay cleans and remineralises the skin and repairs and purifies it to leave your complexion radiant.

    Content : 150 grams pot.

    This body milk, enriched with organic donkey milk, olive oil and shea butter is ideal for a cocooning moment after your shower.

    Thanks to the moisturizing and softening properties of the donkey milk, the olive oil and the shea butter, this body milk is essential for a deep relaxation.

    Content : bottle of 250 ml.

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