Super stain-remover


    This stain-remover combines the cleaning properties of the white Marseille soap, the grease-removing properties of the beef bile and the absorbing properties of the “Terre de Sommières” (montmorillonite). 100% natural, this bar of soap is a must-have to remove the most resistant stains, specially on delicates.

    Content : 100 grams bar of soap.


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    Can be used on any type of textile for any type of stains.

    Directions of use :
    Wet the stain and the bar of soap, then rub it gently with circular moves.

    Let it dry (exposure to sun is recommended)
    Rinse manually or with a machine.

    Composition :
    100% natural
    Original white Marseille soap, montmorillonite and beef bile.

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